Many clinicians open their business because they are passionate about what they do and want to create something that make lives better for others. Passion is one thing; the daily grind of running a business is another.  Before you started your business, you dreamed that you would have the freedom that business ownership may bring. Now that your business is up and running, you quickly realize you are wearing multiple hats. You are the clinical director, intake coordinator, HR manager conducting hiring and firing, marketing director and book manager. There are client issues and employee issues that happen on a daily basis. An employee quits without notice, and you find yourself doing her/his job. Your to-do list becomes endless. You work long hours, week days and weekends. Your families are put on the back burner. You are afraid to leave for vacation, and you check email and answer calls when you do manage to get away. You feel stuck, stressed and powerless. You feel your business is owning you. You start to wonder why you started your business in the first place. You want to grow your business, but have no more time to give.  Does this sound familiar? I have seen many “burned-out” business owners. I was there myself and struggled to keep my head above the water. However, over time, with lots of learning and working with mentors and advisors, I learned to take control of my business by strengthening these six core actionable areas. 

  • People. Get the right players on your team. Focus on leadership and culture. Establish accountability in your organization for absolute clarity. Create an environment that brings out the best in people.
  • Purpose. To attract and retain the best talent, you must have a purpose that is attractive and resonates with them. The “why” and “where” must be important enough that your people will climb with you to reach the pinnacle. Your purpose and core values define your culture and create a deep sense of belonging.
  • Playbook. Create a strategic vision and execution plan that outlines your priorities, vision, top goals, and brand differentiators.
  • Clinical quality. As a healthcare provider, clinical quality is essential to make you stand out against the competition. Parents want their children to get better with therapy and will always go to the best providers.
  • Process: Build a scalable structure and create clear, repeatable processes. Many problems in the business are actually process and system issues, instead of people issues. Process is an environmental factor that significantly affects efficiency, as well as customer and employee satisfaction. Processes should be carried out with consistency and in repeatable fashion.
  • Performance: You have built a team, a scalable structure, processes, and created your playbook to follow, how do you know if your organization is on track and aligned with the priorities? Through scorecards, KPIs, and setting up a regular meeting rhythm, you can ensure your team is aligned to reach your business pinnacle.

With a focused leadership team focusing on the core components of your business, you can enjoy more freedom and business growth. To learn how Core Action Consulting can help you strengthen your ABA business, contact me for a free consultation