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At Core Action Consulting, we deliver sound advice that accelerates your company’s growth and equips you to reach your goals. Explore our services for every stage of the business life cycle, or contact us for an individualized package that meets your needs. 


Do you want to start an ABA business, or have you just started an ABA business in the last 6 months? As your mentor and coach, we’ll help you start off on the right track, save valuable time, and avoid expensive mistakes down the road. Learn More


You’ve done the initial start-up work; now it’s time to officially launch. From hiring the right staff to setting up clinical operations, we’ll help you build a strong company, develop long-lasting relationships with clients, and position yourself within the ABA industry. Learn More


You have set up your business, hired employees, and started providing care. Now how do you grow your company without sacrificing your work-life balance? You can scale your business by strengthening your six core actionable components: people, purpose, playbook, clinical quality, process, and performance. Learn More


You’ve grown a successful business and are ready to explore new ventures. Before you exit, getting everything in order is essential. We can help you prepare, each step of the way. Learn More



Space Is Limited!

This 6-month program is designed for small, select groups of ABA entrepreneurs who are ready to start, or have recently opened, their own businesses. Led by a seasoned BCBA business coach and entrepreneur who has built and sold two ABA companies, the Boot Camp is an affordable alternative to individual coaching and connects you to a community of peers from non-competing locations.


Start-up planning and setting up your business

A simple strategic plan

Working with payors

Marketing strategies

Basic clinical operations

Building a team

Understanding financials

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The key driver of your ABA therapy company is its quality of care. We can help you structure your clinical operations to provide the highest level of care to your clients.

Service delivery model(s)

Clinical structure and processes

Clinical policies and procedures

Clinical operations manual

Clinical quality assurance

Clinical supervision and staff training

Clinical mentorship

Clinical review with insurance

Clinical documentation

Quality assurance

Clinical KPIs

Outcome measures

Prepare for accreditation

SPECIAL EDUCATION SCHOOL: Launch and Grow Consultation

You want to open a private school for children with special needs, but have no idea how to start and operate one. We are here to provide expert advise. 

Playbook of opening a special education school

Value propositions of the school

Market analysis and marketing strategies

Enrollment process

Educational model of your school

Instruction and curricular

Daily operations of a school

Operational Manual

Policies and procedures

School culture

Financial management such as proforma, budgeting, etc.

KPIs and score cards

Leadership development