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We strive to empower and equip entrepreneurs with the confidence and tools to excel in their business pursuits and make a positive impact — their success is our success. 

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Barbara V., BCBA

Jing is an absolute master at her craft. Her guidance has provided me with clarification on what my focus should be, how to make things happen, and encouragement to know that I can.

Brooke M., BCBA

Jing has been nothing short of amazing. She truly wants our businesses to be successful. She is approachable and very accessible. My favorite part of working with Jing is that she will put her own business second if it means she can get yours ahead! An amazing coach!

Chaya K., BCBA

Jing is absolutely incredible as a business coach! She has a tremendous scope of knowledge, along with an ability to guide others. We have grown so much, both as individuals and as leaders in our company, with Jing's guidance. Working with Jing was the best decision we have made as business owners!

Dannene D., BCBA, LBA

From staffing problems to audits, it has been amazing having someone who could calm me down and help me rationally work through the problems. I continue to work with [Jing] to make my business the best it can be, and truly appreciate all the help she has given me throughout the last several months!

Dick M.

Jing knows how to design and run a center so that it will accomplish its mission of helping the kids; and that’s what it should be all about. As a very experienced and talented board-certified behavior analyst, she can help you achieve your service goals.

Erin L., AMI, M.ED., BCBA

I highly recommend Jing’s consulting services and boot camp for anyone starting a compassionate and ethical ABA practice. She has a thorough and specific expertise in starting, building, and growing high-quality and caring ABA programs by using the factual and observable data we’re already so good at gathering. The guidance she has given me within a few months helped grow my business from zero to full and thriving!

Joseph J., MS, BCBA, LBA

Jing is someone that you don't come across often. Her wide ranging experience and knowledge in the ABA field, both from a clinical and business perspectives is very impressive. She is highly passionate about making a difference in the field of behavior analysis and to help others do so …. Personally I can say, working with Jing was one of the best business decisions we've ever made!

Kristin L., BCBA

Jing has been instrumental in helping me build my business in an ethical, productive, and sustainable way. She has taught me many different functions of creating and maintaining a successful business. Her vast knowledge in the field has helped me to avoid common pitfalls along the way.

Noemi S.

Jing has an impressive grasp of both the clinical and the business aspects of an ABA practice — demonstrated through her successful career in the field. Hers is a rare skillset that includes knowledge of compliance and financial aspects …We are thrilled with the measurable results we have been able to achieve with her guidance.
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