Does this sound familiar?

It is only 8:00, and your work day is just starting. Your inbox is exploding with emails from your team on various issues. Some are emails directed to you, and some are copying you. The worst is the back-and-forth threads from multiple people over a few days on the same topic. You are lost in the conversation and have to go back to read the previous discussion. You are drowning in the ocean of email. Your energy is drained. Your productivity tanks.

Try this tip to tame the noise from your inbox.

Schedule a daily stand-up meeting for 10-15 minutes. Call it a “daily huddle,” as Vern Harnish refers to it, or a “daily pow wow,” as one of my client companies calls it. A daily “stand-up” can save your team at least an hour or so of needless email updates and ad hoc interruptions. It can help generate issues for your weekly tactical meetings. The daily “stand-ups” shape your team to save the questions and discussions for that time, and everyone can focus on their essential work for the rest of the day.
As a business consultant in the ABA and autism space, an a certainfied Pinnacle Business Guide, I coach my clients and their teams to structure their daily “stand-up” meetings with these agenda items:
What happened yesterday that the team needs to know?
What is happening today that the team needs to know?
Where do you need help? Where are you stuck?

Create a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual meeting rhythm in your ABA and autism service business to improve communication, alignment and productivity.

Contact to help you and your team create a Business Operating System that can help you gain clarity, eliminate chaos, achive exceptional growth, save time and have fun.